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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Astounding Power Of Faith

Napoleon Hill said, "Whatsoever the mind of man can conceive and BELIEVE he can achieve." Faith is so important if you are going to achieve your dreams and vision. When following your dreams, I will want you to embrace this advice by Dorothea Brand, "Act as if it is impossible to fail!" And you will NEVER experience failure no matter what comes your way.

Life And Living

Living gives meaning to life.
It keeps death from life.
Death demeans life.
Ultimate is death; penultimate is life.
Between them is the span of life.
Good living earns life.
Erratic, rash living spends life.
Living with rich values enriches life.
Opposites endanger life.
Living is the hammock held by death and life.
Hammock sinks; living loses; close is the end of life.
Heart freezes; pulse chills; living lets go of life.
Death snatches life.
Death hates living; cannot sustain life.
No living; no life.
Death wins; lost is life.
Living implies fine existence; that is called life.

God must be Holly!

Holiness, good, life seem to be inseparable from the truth. However, human mind is limited and cannot really perceive eternity but as much as we can, we "get the idea". God is Holly, He alone is flawlessly Holly…or else…think for yourselves.

I have wondered for a while, thinking about God’s holiness. How do we know God is Holly? Yes, I know the Bible says so but how do I see it for myself and experience it now?

After pondering on it for a while, an idea crossed my mind: the very existence, (the very idea) of right and wrong, of good and bad implies an Inventor of these concepts. If there had not been a "bad", we would not have known what "good" means.

Let’s take an example; suppose you are a princess/prince and you have never seen a rotten apple so far (as all your cooks had to make sure you have only the best apples on your table).

However, one day you see a rotten apple and you wonder what happened to it. You realize the differences between a good apple and a bad one. The lovely aroma of a good apple has now turned into a smelly putrid one that you can’t even think of eating!

Yes, Jesus Himself said that we could know people by looking at what they do; can we pick good eatable fruits from a thorn bush? A good tree produces good fruit; a bad tree produces bad fruit." By their fruit you will know them".

In our relative society, it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish between good and bad and many say "what you consider bad, is a life style for me so it can’t be that bad!"

Anyway, when you look around in the world today, there are so many people who don’t even realize they have a problem! For instance, an alcoholic or a drug addict (I take them as examples for it is on obvious fact) does not even realize they are on their way to destruction. The other actions (lying, gossiping, adultery, homosexuality, witchcraft, etc.) lead to destruction just as much…maybe somewhat less obvious for a first glance; nevertheless, with all technology and progress in medicine, the graveyards are still very much among us, just like they have always been.

Elvis Presley said:" Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it's not going to go away."

I cited Elvis above as I see more and more how there is no holiness without truth and truth is good and good leads to life. The two are left in the end: life and death.

Jesus is the Only one Who can give life as HE is The Life itself! He has the power to defeat death and He proved it by rising up from death and proves it today as well. He said He will draw all people to Him and His Good News will be taken to the margins of the Earth! Now, after two thousand years, we see these things happening and indeed He fulfilled what He said! Not only this prophecy but also hundreds of them! Hundreds!

"We seem to seek the truth when it in fact seeks you." Rick Beneteau

Indeed, The Truth had to seek us, as we cannot reach it by our own strength and The Truth (Jesus) came on Earth and told us that we all have a problem that is the sin and it leads to death. The Truth told us how much the Holly Eternal Creator loves us, and The Truth Himself died for us so that we "the apples of His eyes" would never become "rotten apples"(dead).

Even if we physically die, He promised us that He takes us in His "Dimension" and there we will be alive forever without evil troubling us.

"Truth is what stands the test of experience." Albert Einstein

The truth came on earth and people saw Him, they didn’t fear death afterwards! They saw The Life Itself and died for their belief! Now, I would not die for a lie, would you? If you do not have something/someone to die for, your life is empty!

Another famous quote from Einstein is:" Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

Bible has strong foundations and scientists are amazed to see how accurately the science confirms what the Bible announced thousands of years ago! God said the Earth was round and that nothing holds it! Plus so many other things that took science thousands of years to discover!

It is great to have life so ask it from Jesus, He will surely give it to you abundantly as He said this is the very reason He came to Earth, to give us life and not just any kind of life but life from abundance! Plenty, eternal and passionate! May all humans find it and live it!

Meditation vs. Medication

Antidepressants will put your body back into balance. Mood drugs will control your anger impulses. Herbs and vitamins will bring your body back into its own rhythm so you can function better. Herbs, drugs, tonics, etc. all claim to be beneficial to us. But are they really necessary? Is there an alternative to prescriptions that might do the same thing?

For years, meditation has been touted as the "new" medication. By calming your spirit, bringing yourself into focus and into a state of quiet then all will be right with your self. But is that true? And if it were true across the board, would people who have different types of problems be inclined to seek help through meditation rather than medication? After all, a pill is a lot easier to swallow than sitting in silence for 20 minutes.

Buddhism seems to be one of the more popular proponents of meditation, which offers a more labor-intensive re-training of the mind. Some of the questions that were raised in recent research centered around a person’s ability to re-train their mind, and the ability to "self monitor" emotions and behaviors. Using a Tibetan monk as the subject, the researchers found that it is possible to use meditation to overcome certain barriers and behaviors that traditional medicine has been able to alleviate.

According to many mental health researchers, in cases of terminal or chronic illness, meditation is often used to reduce complications from stress. Physicians and the medical community in general are seeking to fund and research the area of meditation, as there are a growing number of doctors who believe that stress contributes significantly to poor physical health.

In 2004, the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine released a survey that focused on the use of complimentary and alternative medicines. According to the survey, the majority of individuals 18 years old and older used a combination of alternative medicine with conventional medicine. Deep breathing and various forms of breathing meditation was the 2nd most used form of alternative medicine therapy. Meditation that excluded the use of prayer was the 3rd most used form.

The difficulties seem to arise, though, out of knowing which modality will work best for each individual situation. It is important to seek advice from a physician before embarking upon a change in medication or using a different form of therapy. While there is still a lot of research needed in this area, the studies and statistics from what we already know are compelling enough to realize that there is a mind-body connection to improving and maintaining good health both mentally and physically.

By Deborah Lambeth

The Oneness of the One

Endless debates take place about whether God is personal or pure Spirit, whether one can be in a relationship with God, or whether that God is simply a Consciousness that exists within all. This advocacy of a 'personal' or 'impersonal' divinity is resolved within the consciousness of God that includes both and that is beyond either.

That which is limitless has no name and no measure. Therefore it may be called nameless, faceless, formless, and beyond definition. However, that which is infinite includes all definitions within itself, even as it is beyond them. The limitless God is both personal and impersonal. It is consciousness that is a Being in the sense of having will or intentionality, self-awareness, and the capacity to love, and it is consciousness that is in everything and that IS everything.

As a soul, one has a predilection to relate to one or another aspect of God, because the essence of each soul partakes of the essence of God in unique and particular ways. So does every other soul relate to its own perceived facet of the One, whether personal or impersonal, finding that facet or essence within itself and recognizing it as true. There can therefore be no exclusive principle that eliminates This from That, one aspect of divinity from another, for they are all contained within the Oneness. It is only the ongoing consciousness of duality brought about by the structure of thought and the process of naming, that requires that we say the One is a This or a That.

In the West, many have rejected the heritage of their familial or childhood religions, finding these too repressive, restrictive, guilt-evoking, or just limited in truth. In the search for greater truth many, today, have moved toward Eastern religions which have offered some alternatives to the original childhood dilemmas. And so the pattern of exclusion has become embedded in the need to reject what felt like it was 'less' true in favor of what was 'more' true, when, in fact, the original truth had not been perceived and had been buried under external controls and requirements.

God does not care for names and labels. As a self-aware consciousness that includes all and that embraces all, this Divinity exists both in a relationship of love with each and every individual soul, and exists AS PART OF each and every soul. There is no difference in value between inner and outer, for both are parts of the One, and both form the truth of Divine being.

The need to reject or select out part of the Whole to embrace as a central feature of one's identity does not come from truth, but from a search for self-definition which has been accompanied by a need for healing. Out of this authentic search and the wish to avoid further pain or disillusionment, a partial grasping of the One is sought and held too steadfastly, excluding all others. But the end-result of this is only a temporary end-result, for ultimately, the individual consciousness will need to embrace its limitations and perceive that all are One, all are part of the One, and the One contains all within Itself.

The words 'immanent' and 'transcendent' have been used to describe the orientation of particular religions and their primary focus, and these are good words – words that describe God within and God beyond. But these words also lead to a polarization of different parts of God into segments that cannot easily be reconciled.

'Immanence' relates to the Divine presence or Divine holiness within each and every living thing that is part of the One. 'Transcendence' refers to God the Creator who is beyond all living things and beyond all non-living things as well, who is contained within everything and yet who is greater than this everything, having given rise to it. To select out 'immanence' or 'transcendence' as the basis for choosing a spiritual path is part of what it means to be seeking. It is part of what it means to search deeply within oneself for what creates an authentic experience of Divine reality and truth. But it is not the whole. For the whole cannot be comprehended by the words 'immanence' and 'transcendence' which are just words, and as words, create another duality. No, the one IS both immanent and transcendent. And is beyond either.

The function of prayer has brought people and cultures into relationship with the Divine that is transcendent. These are often relationships of the heart in which the seeker or lover asks to exist in a relationship of love and blessing with the Beloved. Prayer can only be addressed to a divine Being – to One who it is presumed can listen and respond. Prayer cannot be addressed to an anonymous universe or to a universal Spirit.

The function of meditation has brought people and cultures into relationship with the Divine that is immanent – the Divine within. These are relationships in which ordinary consciousness learns to let go of its external referents and acquires the capacity to reflect and merge with the larger consciousness of One of which it is a part.

Both prayer and meditation can bring us into understanding the oneness of the One, the non-exclusiveness of mind and heart, of consciousness and being, of immanence and transcendence. They can form the foundation for knowing that the One is all and everything, beyond words, beyond formulations, beyond every thought that we might conceive of it. And yet that same One is as close to us as our own breath; as knowing of us as our own tears; and as much a part of the center of who we are as any other attribute that we give to ourselves – in fact more so. Thus the oneness of the One can be perceived as being within all, and can also be perceived as being beyond all - the beloved One who is the source of Life itself and who IS Life itself in all its mysterious manifestations.

Back to Oneness: The "Piece de Resistance"

My dear friends, I know that many of you have been deluged and duped for eons into making you believe in "stories" that have one common thread in all of them - if you bother analyzing them at all: The desire to cover the Truth of who you really ALL are, where you ALL originate and came from, and the strong desire to hide your true origin as sacred and glorious parts of the ONE Eternal Energy.

By belittling you, they all have disempowered you and put you in a state of fear and slavery to the sole satisfaction of your senses, and have blocked the realization that you all carry the infinite and Zero/Infinite Point Energy within, and need no technological attire to manifest it. You were born, naked, with all the necessary and sufficient equipment within your Spiritual make-up to far surpass and overcome the sub-gods and dark energies that have been trying to keep your real Divinity down. You have allowed yourself to cover your Eternal One Reality with a cover of skin and dark thought/energy.

Infinity cannot be restricted by others, it can only be made dormant by our own selves, only with our own accord and by our free will. If we believe in our condition of being born in a diminished sinful state and under the control and leadership of Higher beings, then we become what we believe we are. Man is the only being amongst all created beings who carries within his created-self the ability to become fully the Eternal and Infinite Power and Divinity. No other form of expression of The One can attain the full range of the totality of the Tree of Life from top to bottom and back to top - only man can. Each and every single one of you can. Not even the Archangels are given that ability.

Drop all notions of Masters, Avatars, enlightened ones, and your fascination with them. It is only the message which is important, not the illusory individuation. If a message is about the Truth of One, and unification of all, then it is the product of Love, or the force trying to bring us back to our true Source. Such a force can and would only state that all men are created equal under One and bestowed with the same ability to re-member and be granted equal right to happiness. And you should pay close attention to such a message for it originates from Truth.

If a message tells you that all men are not created equal in the One Eye of One, for they have different abilities, and are therefore not bestowed with the same divine right to experience happiness, then it is the product of the counter-force of Fear/control and is originating in untruth. To believe such fear messages and to become hypnotized by them, is to believe in your inferior status, in the notion of "them" - whoever them is - as superior endowed beings, and you as inferior.

Is one of your brain cells superior to a kidney cell? Of course not, they all have their place and role within the perfection of your biology. Should you then bestow more blood-carried nutrients to a brain cell, and have other cells suffer? Of course not, for they should all get automatically all that they require in order to be happily functioning.

To favor one part of One, at the expense of another, is to operate in a state of lack and emergency, and that is not the way of One, which is only about happiness of the One Being in all its Oneness.

There is only One Being in the Universe. One. A-men.

The One created first two forces within the One Being: two direction/pulls for Its perceptual trip as mankind, which is men without the notion of the unity of the A/Aleph/Alpha - the One.

There are only two real forces within that Being.

There are only two forces operating within each and every one of you.

Both operate at once.

Both need to exist.

Both have a very Creative and important role, for without them Creation just cannot be.

You choose at all moments between these two forces.

You alone have free will of choices.

These two primordial forces cannot ever make any choice for you.

Both have no creative input beyond offering you at every moment two choices originating from each.

One force promotes within your inner and outer reality perception of Oneness, Love and reconnection to the Origin/Source of the trip of man, and another force promotes, within yourself and without, fear/separation, ideas of superiority and inferiority, and feelings of disconnection from the real Original Source of who you really are: One.

The Only trip the One consciousness can really have is a perceptual trip of awareness within the infinite recesses of the One Mind.

On one pole of the Tree of Life (trip of One to man(y) and back to One) operates the force called Fear or what some traditions call the S (called Seth, Serpent, question mark with the head/dot down, Satan, reptilian etc.. force) which is the divisive Creative force within us, all of which wants us to believe and go back to the strong belief of the illusory many, lack of control and empowerment, etc.. and has used fear and control for that. It is the downward force within the Holy Tree of Life which causes the One to leave Its stationary point as the top of the Tree where the crowning glory of One exists forever (Kether/crown) and fall into the illusion of being many - through the very creative and fearful instruments which that fear/forcefield begets.

This is the force which brings the Kingdom all the way to the bottom of the Tree, having the King/Queen (at the highest point of awareness there is no feeling of gender, for all is One) forget that sHe is the King (the One). Its role is to ensure that none of us remembers that fact. For the key to redemption back to One is belief. All any individual has to do in order to perceive that he/she is One with One, is to believe without a speck of doubt that he/she left that perception as the King which he/she is, and can always reconnect to his/her crown above.

This Fear force operates and uses masquerades and lies. It does it very creatively, since it is a force originating from the All, and it keeps on feeding us, throughout all the ages, misconceptions, prepared stories (false His-story laden with confirming holographic inserts) which would and could become palatable to many, and fit the myths and beliefs of the space/time constraints experienced. This force is connected to all of us from within, and can inspire all of us. It is part of One. It is metaphorically the gravitational force of the two forces created in order for Creation to be such a Creative trip and path for the One True Reality. This is the force which pulls us down within our trip as One within the Tree of Eternal Life which we have never, ever left, no matter how much that force tries to ensnare us and convince us of the opposite fact.

The other force, operating on the other pole of the Tree of Eternal Life is the force of Pure Integrative Love, as a desire to unify and bring us back to our origin as One. It delights in lifting us from our anchored state of fear and dis-belief in our Being the One. It tells us to let go of old beliefs of separation and elitism for they no longer serve us, and tend to keep us static in pain, and dormancy. It is also connected to each and every one of us, from within, lying often covered with all the deceiving dark thoughts and programs of fear which we have invited and allowed in. It is the Spark of Holy One within each and every One of us: the Real and Eternal Holy of Holies.

Loving Truth originates in the heart of One and man.

Fear and deception originate in the brain of One and man.

Both are needed to sustain life and free will for One and man within It.

You are what you believe you are.

Man's life is not a trip about powers, inborn-talents, but a trip in awareness. The key is BELIEF. You are exactly what you believe that you are. If you believe in your limited self and inferior status, that is who you express. If you believe in your un-limited Self and your Divinity as One, that is who you are.

There is no Karma, no past lives and/or contracts based on this, all this is created by Fear as a way for you to retard your evolution into the full realization of who you really are: One.

This is the trip of One: From One to the many as man, and back to One. A trip from Love to Fear, and back to Love again: The Eternal cycle of Creation for the us in One. It is the evening and morning of a cycle of Creation for the One.

You were NEVER really born, and you will NEVER really die. That is totally impossible. You have no real End, and no real Beginning in the Eternity of your stories as One experiencing again and again the many. Birth and Death are all illusions. You are, were, and will always be ETERNAL BEING, ETERNAL ONE, no matter what you experience, think, or do. However the expressions of your Being might become painful or delightful, based on how far from the Truth of One you situate yourself. Fear will always beget pain, and pain will beget awakening back into Love.

We plunge from One, slowly but surely into fear, as One experiences the many, and the pain of the experience propels the many to rejoin the Pure Loving Truth of One as we re-member who we really are: One Being.

Fear has invented, fed, and carefully cultivated the plethora of divisive stories, elitist theories, religious fallacies, prepared fear myths such as anti-Christ, heavens and hell, false prophets, secret dark societies, many scientific paradigms, and even Holographic inserts mimicking reality (anciently seen Dragons, elves, angelic and demonic realms, sub-gods and creators in human or super-human form, recently appearing ET's, UFOs. paleontological, geological, astronomical, archeological findings, and many scientific laboratory results, etc.,) which innumerable human beings have been visibly witnessing throughout the ages. Much of Fears' written books, and projected recorded arsenals of virtual sound/light reality inserts, are typically targeting the ones who are most ready to accept and embrace the false paradigms which they are trying to create and sustain. These are just stories created by Fear itself. They are constantly and repeatedly fed, in an acceptable format for their times, by the force of Fear, in order to take us away from our real reality as One, and our purpose to rejoin The One Reality on this planet of operation - especially at this important nexus in time/space.

Look closely at Hurricane Katrina. Although it was obviously created from the level of the Oneness of Nature: The One, there are already built-in and prepared stories originating from the pole of Fear - supported by some Fear/inspired military and governmental research, which oppose other lessons which would impute the event to a lesson by One about the necessity and glory of Oneness.

Weather manipulation can be shown coming from H.A.A.R.P and other governmental projects. Illuminati and other 5th column plots can be found in the unlimited bag of tricks of the ultimate trickster (Fear Itself). Choose the trick stories, and you have just been tricked into remaining in a prison of your own making. You have just been tricked into remaining in the Dark matrix, and not choosing the Light one. They both exist - superimposed at once - within your awareness.

It is not the veracity of each story that is at stake, it is your ability to see beyond the story and understand why it needs to be presented to you by Fear at the same time as another loving lesson of Oneness is given. Otherwise how could you, as One, ever have free will of choices and be able to travel the Tree of your awareness of Life up and down at will? Observe please what polarity originates a story, and see the real plot behind the explanation given.

Remember that the Divine rule is that we all need, as the Real One, to have free will. For that to occur, Fear will prepare for each event in our lives a message or explanation based on and fueling fear/separation, and Love will offer another perspective which tries to unify us.

It is only for us, for we all are the One, to make the choice between the two polarities of explanation offered.

If we choose the Fear side, they we enter evermore fear-based realities as we are pulled even lower and deeper in the pure magical crystal river of Life.

If we choose the Truth of One explanation and message (Love) then we are lifting ourselves ever higher and closer to our true essence and are heading to our ultimate reward when we will, as One, crown ourselves back in the crowning achievement that it will be when we finally can proudly say that we overcame all illusions/Fear and unconditionally embraced, no matter what was projected at us, the Truth of ALL of us being ONE and Only: Source Itself.

Both polarity forces: Fear/Separation and Unifying Loving Oneness are only allowed to influence us, but never to control us, for true control is impossible. Free will always operate for mankind, and we are ultimately responsible for the choices we make, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Only measure a story, message, or a life situation by the following criteria and make it the litmus test of evolution: If the situation brings you closer to Oneness, enter it and choose it. If it brings you closer to fear/separation, fear of lack, and elitism, please do not give it energy for it will grip your reality and manifest further. Remember you are the One, you are the only one granted free will.

Remember that you were, are, and never will be SEPARATED from the One, no matter what you believe or perceive of it, for you are right now and forever The One and ALL ONE within One.

Remember who you are, and where you are heading, no matter what happens in between: One.

All ancient traditions tell us that when man was created, many Creator-sub gods and angels became jealous of this dimension. They of course knew that we were the One in a unaware state, and fully knew that we all had the power at any time to awaken into the FULL and total realization of being One, even if only one of us did so. We were, as One, the Only One given full free will to awaken to Source as One. For all One is interconnected as Oneness. They also were told and suspected that in that case their role would probably stop, as intermediary forces/stations. So they tried to block us from awakening. They created, inspired, and fed us unlimited and copious stories that if believed in, would guarantee in their eyes that we would forever forget who we really are: The One Source of All, including them.

In reality they became also casualties of the Fear force and did not understand that ultimately their role would also evolve within the total awakening of Oneness and Love within One.

So, we lived our miserable and perceptual short existence, and repeated in many ways the same fear patterns adapted to our changing circumstances.

Nevertheless, some remembered, threw away all past programming, belief systems, all books, all writings, and fairytales, and opened themselves to their true Self. They united and made infinite Love to the Oneness within their shining heart, and in that act, the Pure Untouched Source, pulsating Life within the Heart of all, started shining bright and mighty across all Universes and the totality of One awoke to Oneness.

And the many operated in Oneness, filled with Love for and in the notion of One, as they knew and expressed within and without that they were One.

This is already written.

This is the story of Creation. This your true Story. The only Truth there is, was, and can BE.

The Ship Without a Rudder

Lately I have spent a great deal of time with rudder-less ships.
People who get up each morning and do exactly what they did yesterday.
Not that they particularly want to... it's just what they do.
They do the same.
Day in, day out.
Year in, year out.

They expend a huge amount of energy sailing in circles on the Sea of Frustration.
Talk to them and they have no real direction.
No clarity and no certainty about what they want their future to look like.
They are desperate for different... without really knowing exactly (or even vaguely) what that different is.

They've never really defined it.
They have no real direction, purpose or vision.
For them life is a chore; a series of unplanned (and often unenjoyable) events.
Life happens to them, around them and in spite of them.

They don't create their best life... their life creates them.

Their daily reality is shaped (if not, totally controlled) by situations, circumstances, events and other people.
They haven't made a (significant) decision in years.
Ever perhaps.
Too fearful, too disorganized, too apathetic, too full of excuses.

They don't set goals (tried it once... didn't work... only leads to disappointment... too much pain). Sure, they know what goal setting is (that is, they have an intellectual understanding of it) but they don't have a practical application of it in their life.

They hope, they wish, they wait... but they don't have clearly defined goals that have translated to actual works in progress.

Much of their existence is spent negotiating a series of unplanned events.
They spend their days reacting and surviving, rather than creating and thriving.
They hope that their crappy life will somehow fix itself or fall into place.

Or perhaps someone or something... will save them.

"How come nothing good ever happens to me?"... people ask me all the time.

The only thing which needs to happen for our life to change for the better... is us; we need to happen.

Many of us have never (seriously) sat down to plan (think, decide, rationalize, organize, create, define) our best life. We spend more time planning a party than we do our life.
Then we wake up one day and we're five years older... still stuck in a reality (situation, relationships, career, health, habits) that we don't really want.
We've compromised.

If we want 'better' (whatever that is for us individually) we need to spend quality time and energy gaining clarity about (defining) specifically what it is we want in.. and from.. our life.

And if we don't define it, we probably won't have it.

We need to stop stumbling and bumbling our way through life.
We need to find our rudder.
The person with no direction is a sad, frustrated, de-motivated and unfulfilled person.
A person who's losing (or has lost) hope.

So often we don't make (significant) decisions, don't take chances, don't have direction and don't have a clearly defined plan for, or certainty about, our future.
We just do what we did yesterday.
We go through the motions.
We have become creatures of repetition and habit.
We have accepted average.

If you have felt a little rudder-less from time to time, here are some suggestions/thoughts... they will prove to be invaluable IF you do something with them.

1. Spend time determining your life purpose (your reason for being).
No, this is not a five minute process... but do it and you will find your rudder.
You will have direction, purpose, energy, enthusiasm, momentum and joy.
(Remember joy?)
If you struggle to determine your purpose, then start by identifying your beliefs, standards, values, passions, loves, desires and dreams... your purpose will come out of these things.
When I make this suggestion (to explore our life purpose) many people automatically resign the thought to the 'too hard' basket.
Don't be one of them.

2. Decide where you want to be in 1, 2, 5 years.
In your career, your relationships, with your health, your finances, your spiritual life (whatever is important to you). Start with the end in mind (get clarity about where you want to be) and work backwards from there.
Don't panic if you don't know exactly how it's going to happen... first, get some certainty about what you want (specifically) and then you can start to figure out the practical (how-to-get-there) stuff.

3. Make a life-changing commitment.
A commitment that you are going to stop 'coping' with what happens around you and to you... and start living the life of your design.
All successful endeavors start with an idea, a decision, a commitment.
All change starts in our head... when we get to that place (emotionally, psychologically) things will start to happen (practically).
As I've said before... my world will change... when I change.

4. Know that you're the problem and the solution.
Everything else is just a resource, a hurdle, a lesson, an opportunity.

5. Decide what you don't want.
Sometimes doing things back-to-front produces better results.
Gaining certainty about what we don't want (for our life)... will often help us find our rudder.

So now you know what to do.
But will you do what you know?